Adult Club Investments offers consulting services. The goal is to improve efficiency of operations, employee proficiency, develop new profit centers, establish real gross revenues as compared to reported revenues (to detect theft)    What makes our company succeed is that many well-intentioned club owners make a genuine effort, but fall short in their efforts due to a lack of experience, resources, time, personnel and/or patience. As we all know, running an adult nightclub takes hard work, know-how, and time. You should enjoy owning your clubs.  When operated correctly, they will make you wealthy and you will enjoy being a club owner.

Let us help you increase profits and reduce the work load you dread or have avoided.  Let us help you enjoy your investment.

Services We Provide

The Consulting Services includes business and operations evaluation, as well as a legal evaluation. Our clients and investors can retain our consulting services to achieve short term goals, as well as long term goals.

Short term-
Unfortunately, you can’t be there all the time. We provide a discrete inspection unbeknownst to the staff and report directly back to you, in a written report listing all aspects of customer and professional views.  This is an excellent tool keeping employees on task while you can't be there; leaving them wondering at all times “are we being watched”?

We will evaluate all aspects of operations, find ways for you to reduce costs and increase your resources for vendor support and free advertising.  We offer a quick, written analysis of your operation and give you a written report on areas and methods that will improve your business.

We will evaluate your marketing and promotions program. After this evaluation we will develop a marketing and promotion plan and budget. The marketing and promotion plan will combine in house promotions and outside promotions, by paid advertising, as well as free exposure by press releases in the local and national media.
Long term
We will evaluate all aspects of operations, find ways for you to reduce costs and increase your resources. We will review all your vendor relations. We examine vendor support of all vendors including free advertising and sponsored promotions. We inspect your security systems and staff. We review your; surveillance camera system, 24 hours internet access, POS, liquor controls, security personnel from a customer enhanced policy to avoid litigation We offer a written analysis of your operation and give you a written report on areas and methods you can use to improve your business' bottom line.

We then offer methods for you and your managers to better train employees and create a more productive staff.  An analysis of the staff will ensure the individual’s qualifications are meeting the demands necessary for each position so the operations will achieve its maximum potential in efficiency and productivity. We give you a written summary of promotional and marketing ideas. We will evaluate your accounting department and review your cost and make recommendations on cost cutting. We will give a careful review to your banking practices and finances of the facility and business to optimize every service.

We spend the time to evaluate every hour of operation and give a detailed guide to increased success; including an evaluation of the lights and sound, as well as design and layout of the club. We have several different packages for you to consider.  Please contact an AP representative for a free consultation to determine the best course of action.

Legal Assessment, Review and Support            
Our Membership has, as part of our Affiliates Fund, an exclusive referral network of First Amendment Rights Lawyers to assess and review the legal aspects of your business and location. A review of the local ordinances and state laws could result in a legitimate challenge and, upon success in the courts; this would enhance and broaden the entertainment venue. Also simply a legal threat to challenge an ordinance could open new markets to be developed with the possibility of operating the adult business without competition. We offer expert witness services as litigation support to testify in Court and present and tender evidence into the record at the legislative venues relevant to the Negative Secondary Effects Doctrine.